Anything is possible. The story behind Coffee Monkey.

Erica Jackson

There are many times in life when we have dreams or aspirations. Each and every one of us at some point finds cause to doubt ourselves or doubt that our dreams will ever become a reality.
My own story began in 2011. Me and the hubby hoped for a baby. This was the year we got married and we wanted to start a family straight away. Without going into too much detail it became apparent to us that having children naturally wasn't going to be an option.
Therefore we embarked on the arduous journey of IVF treatment. For those of you who haven't experienced this first hand let me explain.
Imagine having your whole life ruled by Dr's appointments, daily hormone injections and intrusive scans to finally reach the stage where the hospital states that you are (finally) ready to have the actual procedure take place. That's if your lucky enough not to suffer the many awful side effects that come with IVF. (FYI I got them all lol)
Now imagine that being your life for 2 years. Only to suffer the heartbreak of it being unsuccessful twice.
I struggled at this point with a lot of dark emotions. Not being able to be happy for people when they told me they were expecting and feelings of jealousy and rage took over.
I eventually gave up on the whole idea of being a mummy and threw myself into life head on. I did things I didn't think I would ever do. One of them being I shot a gun. (which was definitely a highlight). We booked a holiday to Turkey and had so many travelling plans.
3 Weeks before we were due to fly I felt poorly. I took a test on the off chance ready to be let down again and it was positive. I cannot explain the shock, terror and elation we felt. All travel plans had to be cancelled and life as I knew it changed forever.
Fast forward 9 months and I'm the proud mummy of a healthy baby boy. And so my love of coffee began.
During the frequent cups of coffee required to keep my sleep deprived brain functioning I began not only to appreciate good coffee but also appreciate a decent mug in which to drink it from. While watching my little monkey play an idea was born that I could combine both my need for coffee and my appreciation of a good mug hence 'Coffee Monkey' became a reality. I now have my own business that I love and I can trace it all back to my little miracle playing as I write this.
So I guess the moral of this story is no matter what your dreams may be, no matter how difficult or dark the days may seem, miracles DO happen.
So live your life to the full and reach for the stars and never lose hope. Somewhere in the darkness that dream is waiting to become a reality.
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