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First week back to school




I am sat here on a Friday night with no voice and a mug of Night-Time Peace thinking about Gabriel’s first week of primary school. Now he used to go to playgroup but only three mornings a week with a morning in between for me and him to have fun and explore new places.


This week I am lost! Completely. Yes for the first three weeks he only does 2 and a half hours everyday (not like in my day when your parents threw you in and ran) now he’s being eased into the education system. My Gabe doesn’t want that! He’s quite happy being one of the only kids to leave us at the gate and not turn back. 😭.

 Gabriel on his first day of school

The parents though are never really spoken about. What the hell do we do all day (2 & 1/2 hours) whilst they aren’t here? Well I have the answer. We recuperate. I don’t know about anyone else but after those 6 week holidays mama needs some R&R. Not only am I now skint from all the uniform I had to buy (feel sorry for parents with more than one child right now) but also from the expensive bloody days out! I think even the price of bread went up anticipating all those wet drizzly family picnics! Not to mention if you went abroad. Wow the price was enough to curl my impossibly uncurlable hair (no idea if that’s a word if it’s not it should be).


Don’t get me started on the school run!


When he went to playgroup it wasn’t so bad it’s literally spitting distance from my house so at least I had time for a gigantic mug of chaos fuel before we set off to sit in traffic. Now I have to take it with me (thank Monkey for travel mugs). I mean it’s not all that bad. I have been able to catch up with all my tv shows that have swearing in and actually start to relax.


Until he comes home at half eleven and the tired giddiness starts. What on earth do they do with them to make them so exhausted? No wonder he’s only on half days for now lol.

 Coffee monkeys owner Erica and Gabriel having adventures together

All this aside I miss him. He didn’t shed one single tear all week but I cried like a baby. And I have missed our little adventures hence why next weekend I’m taking him camping (with a car full of chaos fuel to keep me going lol). As you all know it took me a long time to get him here (if not you can read my other blog post here) and I cherish every single first because it will be the last but this one is definitely the hardest to get over.


Thank you all for reading stay tuned next week for the camping blog (monkey help me lmao) xx

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