Children’s Chocolate

Do you remember the kinder eggs from our youth? They were so cool and you could only get one if you had saved up? They were only 50p but back then that was expensive compared to the 10p mixed bag you could get. I never did do my chores so a 10p mixed bag was all I could get lol.

I went into the shop on my way to meet Trina on Saturday (you can watch the video of me surprising her here.) and I thought I could keep Gabriel quiet for the first half of the journey in the car with a kinder egg. Now I’m not a mean mummy, he has had them before but not a lot. I was shocked to say the least when the till rang up £1.08p, my word I know inflation is a problem but a kinder egg has gone up so much when the toys aren’t even that good anymore!

I remember the days when you used to get a turtle toy in your kinder egg. Now they probably weren’t as big as I thought they were back then. However, me and my brothers used to try and collect them all. Every now and again they would bring out a new one and we would fight over it. It was never about the chocolate for us, it was always about the turtle.Kinder egg turtles 

So when we had done something extra special or saved up our spends we would get one and then swap if it wasn’t the one we needed. Who needed trading cards back then when we had turtles.

No idea where those turtles have now gone but I will always have the fond memories. Back to my rant! Now, you get a plastic toy that you have to carefully piece together (if you ask me Ikea furniture is easier to put together than these toys!), after you have done that, usually the chocolate has been consumed and the child takes one look at the toy and casts it aside! No longer trying to collect them all now its “boring”.

Well, Gabriel opened his egg and consumed his chocolate in record time. We found the toy that was encased in the special orange, impossible to open, egg was a dog from the new “the secret life of pets” movie.

             Kinder egg toy

Halfway down the motorway Gabriel screams “I broke it” followed by tears about this dog that he had already pulled apart half an hour in! So first stop at the services revealed it wasn’t broken it was a hidden stamp :-0. This would have been great if they had included a little pot of ink to go with it. I’m sorry nestle I forgot to put my travel ink into my bag for this trip! (TBF I forgot pretty much everything for this trip except my medicine cabinet, you know just in case).

I am grateful now that I got that half an hour, where he was happily playing in the back of the car with his dog stamp. I am not an ungrateful parent lol. However I do wish I had kept my turtles from years ago to adorn my dashboard in bright colours. Oh well I have three more kinder eggs in the fridge, let’s see what delights we have in store for us with these you never know I might get to sit down and have five minutes peace with a coffee and a biscuit or is that asking too much?


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