How a lucozade bottle saved the beach

So today as it was the hottest day of the year so far and it’s still technically lockdown.


We decided to go with our bubble (my mum) to a secluded beach that we had never heard of that’s completely out of the way.

Crosby beach

I was wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️ it was packed.


We had drove for an hour, Gabe had drank one of his bottles of juice and pointed out every single cow, sheep, horse, aeroplane and speck of dust he could see.


It’s safe to say I was ready to stretch my legs! So when we got to the first car park and my fat car wouldn’t in the spaces I was ready to have a full blown mummy tantrum!


Luckily in the second car park I found a sandy bank right near the entrance and threw my car into there.


Phew one crisis averted! Only a few more to go lol. So we got all our gear out of the car and walked towards the sea.


We found a lovely spot. Perfect.


So I thought.


Gaby ran down and paddled in a huge sea puddle for two seconds then ran back and said those dreaded 5 words.


“Mummy I need a wee”


Oh dear god ok. Let’s go let’s find some toilets. Keeping the 2M distancing rule I shouted at passers by hoping they knew where the nearest toilets were.


Nobody had a clue!


Great a ranger. He will know where the nearest toilets are.


5 miles north 🤦🏻‍♀️. Yep Gabes not holding it for that long. We are lucky we got back near the car.


But mummy had parked at the entrance. So many people coming and going no way could he have a peaceful wee.


So here comes the saviour. A lucozade bottle. Gaby was horrified 😂.


2nd crisis averted we walked back to find my lonely mum sat with all the stuff.


I put the bottle (and a spare) down near our spot and said proudly crisis averted. My mum then piped up and said how did you aim in there?! TO ME! Oh she’s funny! I have enough trouble with the pee sample bottles at the drs.


So an hour later everyone is suitably soaked through from the sea puddles (Gabe calls them cuddles and I love it 🥰).


He’s now cold. So I do the blanket trick and get him dressed into some clean dry clothes.


Dinner time. Time for a picnic. How the hell can I get all the sand off Gabes hands so he can eat his sandwich?

Gaby at the beach.

Second (clean) lucozade bottle to the rescue. Filled with sea water then poured over his hands onto the sand. Then fully sanitised ready for dinner.


Wahoo lucozade you’re my hero.


Half way through lunch and he needs another wee. My poor mum had a mouthful of sandwich and Gabes picking up his bottle. 🤦🏻‍♀️ oh dear god what have I done?


Blanket trick again and he manages to fill the rest of the bottle.


But all this talk of wee makes me need one and there’s no way in hell the blanket and bottle trick will work for me.


So I tentatively say it’s home time baby. Expecting a huge kick off which would mean me chasing him around the beach trying to get him back to the car. (Oh it was easier when he was a baby)


Ice cream does the trick, and he’s in the car happy as a pig in muck whilst I frantically try to find a Tesco or Asda where I can go.


All in all was a successful trip.

Gaby asleep in the car

Do you have an inanimate object that’s your hero? I would love to hear about it xxxx


*please make sure you dispose of your bottles into a general waste bin before you leave the beach. If the bins are full take your crap home 😂.


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