Mother's Day

Ah mother’s day, a day for mummies everywhere to have a day of rest. A day off of cooking and cleaning and a day to celebrate all things motherhood. However for a mum of a toddler or a single mum it is not always a day of rest. Now I’m a toddler mum, I’m married but my husband works odd shifts and since the day my little boy was born, my husband has always worked on mother’s day. I always plan something special to do with my little boy though.
This mother’s day will be no different to any other day. I will probably be woken up with a cold hand to the face and a voice saying “mummy wake yet?” my response is normally “uh I am now thanks kiddo” We’ll then probably go downstairs and watch re-runs of Hey Duggee again! I’m going to do something extra special on this day though and take him out. Not sure where to at the moment, but we’ll do something for the both of us.
Now for the question, where and what to do? Going off of the recent weather we’ve had I’m not sure going outdoors is the best option. We wouldn’t know what to wear and my backpack would be full of sun cream and woolly hats. So indoors it is! I don’t fancy tackling the soft play on a Sunday afternoon though. As a mother I think when you’re pregnant they should give a crash course in the etiquette of soft play! That place is crazy!
Gabriel hates loud and crowded places, so I’m leaning towards, taking him to a science museum of sorts. Somewhere hands on, where he can experiment with different forms of lights and sounds whilst mummy gets a huge coffee and has five minutes of peace. That sounds like a plan!
Although, if the weather is nice enough, I’ll take him to his favourite place. This is a park near me. They have huge puddles for him to jump in and a little secluded spot at the back, where he can feed the birds and squirrels. Last time we did this he went through a whole bag of peanuts throwing them for the blue tits that were coming within a foot of him. They were so cute and his face lit up every time they swooped down from the trees to pick up one of the peanuts he had dropped. We were soaked through by the time we got back to the car but Gabriel was happy and tired.
There’s an animal park bit with some smaller animals that you can go and look at. Normally when I take Gabriel to a farm he gets bored halfway round and the noise of the cows and horses upsets him. However, in this place there’s a few chickens, pigs, goats and rabbits. This keeps him entertained and he won’t leave the pigs side. The only thing was they have no monkeys so I wasn’t too happy.
Then there’s mummy’s favourite place which is a café, just off the animal park where we can get food and most importantly COFFEE! So now I am not too sure what to do. Either a science day or an animal day? All I do know is, we’re going to do something special as I believe that mother’s day, isn’t all about sitting in front of the T.V, with my feet up. I believe it is all about spending quality time with the one’s that gave you that name.
Mother’s day used to be bittersweet for me. I would celebrate it with my mum but, I was always a little disheartened as I wasn’t called mum yet. Sometimes I take that for granted! I have this little boy who absolutely adores me and call’s me mummy. So I am classing Mother’s day this year as, Mother and child day. Time to take some time out away from gadgets and pressure and just be together, enjoying all things that you love about being a mum!
I can’t wait to tell you all about what we eventually got up to and I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures, on your special day x
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