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The new born stage is hard isn’t it? It’s so not fair! They get to nap ALL the time and all you want to do is sleep and they stop you.

They even time their naps at the most awkward times. Such as three times a day, everyday I mean wth? All I want to do is go and peruse the Gin section at Tesco’s for the 6th time this week. I swear I don’t have a problem though 🥴.

And if they’re not napping they’re eating. Every three hours! God this kid drinks more than I do! And god forbid I should make him wait five extra minutes while I go for a wee! Hangry isn’t the word 😂.

Baby asleep in a trolley

So between the napping (sleep deprivation) the feeding and the pooing I’m getting sod all else done! I swear I have bought shares in pampers and I’m only 10 weeks in 😂.

You can be sat there pretending to watch TV (but really playing candy crush to try and stay awake) and the rumble starts. It sounds a bit like a huge rhino trying to breath underwater you know the one.

You then look at your partner and they look at you and so starts the argument over who changed the last stink explosion. Until the rumble stops and you concede that yes, it’s your turn and you know you will keep the stinking miasma at least mostly contained.

How is it when men change the dirty nappies they end up more covered in it then when they started?

They are lovely though aren’t they? (Not the men the babies 😂) the sleepy cuddles on the couch, those first little cheeky smiles and that first sleepy giggle. It makes it all worth it.

Baby smiling

The only problem I’ve found is getting stuck under a sleeping baby, whilst my chaos fuel (which I’m drinking by the bucket load) is sitting on the side going cold! (So they stop you sleeping and make you drink cold coffee. Are we sure they’re worth it?😉).

This is why I’ve brought out a range of thermos mugs. They keep my coffee hot for 6 hours so even if I get stuck under the baby at least I can still have my coffee. Plus they have a tight fitting lid with a smallish hole so I can sip without worrying I’m going to pour hot coffee all over Tommy.

Thermos mug

So drawing from my own experiences yes have that gorgeous sleep thief I mean baby but you can still have your coffee and drink it hot.

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I’m off now to play candy crush and try to have some adult time lol. Thank you for reading xxxx

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