Once you stop believing, the magic stops being magical

I truly believe that Christmas is what you make of it. This year yes it’s completely different. I feel for the folks who are home alone my grans being two of them. It’s hard and the day will be long.
Unless we put the magic back in. There is nothing stopping you from FaceTiming them or sending videos to them or even just ringing them and singing down the phone.
Your mission is too make them smile that one smile will be the best Christmas present you can give them.
Christmas present
I know for yourselves it’s going to be so strange. But look at it this way. If you throw in the towel now and loose all your Christmas spirit then so will your kids. Keep the spirit alive for them.
Christmas Day you can spend all day in your pjs and eat as much Christmas dinner as you want and then fall asleep in front of raiders of the lost ark whilst the kids are preoccupied with their new toys.
The whole day is just for them. We will see family members again very soon but Christmas is NOT cancelled. It’s just a Victorian Christmas where we eat the nicest food we’ve had all year, fill up on mince pies and brandy butter and then eat ALL the cheeses.
Victorian Christmas
The more we think Christmas is cancelled the lower our Christmas spirit will be. So I challenge you this year to make it as magical as you possibly can, start a new tradition, search the skies on Christmas Eve, read that book until they fall asleep or even let them stay up late with a Christmas film and popcorn.
Hot chocolate and popcorn
The more you believe the more magical it will be I promise. Xxxx
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