Only I could go to a butterfly house and come home with a monkey!

As some of you will know I am a stay at home mum. I love being a stay at home mum but sometimes it can get a bit repetitive. So this year I made myself a new year’s resolution. I don’t normally make them as I can never stick to them really. However this year seems to be a bit of an end to all my time spent in the house with my little boy. As the year’s go on I am sure we will find time for more and more adventures however this year my little boy will be starting school nursery in September so I want to spend the next nine months giving him some lasting memories.
Last night (a little off topic) I watched the hugely raved about film The Bird Box. Now if you haven’t watched it I wont spoil it for you however it made me think of seeing the beauty of the world. Now I got it stuck in my head that I really wanted to visit a butterfly house today with my little man as I think it is an important thing that he notices the beauty before he is old enough to notice the bad.
I googled my brains out this morning looking for a butterfly house near to home. The closest one I could find was 50 minutes away in a car. So I phoned my mum and dad to see if they wanted to tag along. Of course they said yes (they are always up for adventures). So we set off and played karaoke in the car all the way there to the greatest showman sound track (much to Gabe’s disapproval as he sat in the back of the car scowling).
When we got there I can tell you it didn’t disappoint. The butterfly house was right at the back of the park so we got to see all the beautiful sights on the way up there. We stopped by a lake and looked for the ducks, Gabe had a piggy back all the way up a hill (by my poor dad!) and we saw the huge building that just completely set off the beauty of the place. The whole time Gabe walked (and was carried) up to the butterfly house all he kept saying was “mum, look, wow”.
We eventually got to the top of the hill and went in to have a look at the butterflies. There were some beautiful species that I have never seen before. Blue ones, red ones, white ones and brown ones. Gabe absolutely loved telling us all the colours very loudly I might add. There were even exotic frogs, a chameleon and turtles in the house too which we counted and showed him. After this was the mini beast’s house. Of course Gabe raced straight for my biggest fear cockroach’s. So there I was (mum and dad wandered off looking at all the beautifully coloured creatures) trying to tell Gabriel all about these hideous cockroach’s whilst trying not to scream and run away yuk!!!
We had to walk through the mini beast cave to get to the aviary. Now this place was magical! All the different birds chirping away, it all seemed so serene and calm. We saw a cockatiel and Gabe was holding out his hand and clicking his tongue trying to get it to come to him then was getting angry with it because it closed its eyes lol. Gabe then proudly exclaimed (and scared all the birds) “Tea Time” at the top of his lungs. By now it was only half eleven but obviously my prince was starving.
We made our way to the café completely missing the small mammal’s part of the mini zoo much to my disappointment! We had the nicest soup and a roll for dinner and Gabe had banana bread for his pudding but still proceeded to eat half of my rocky road tray bake! So quick toilet break and I insisted on going back to the small mammals (I had no idea what we would find).
The first (and best) exhibit was the marmoset monkeys. Imagine my excitement! My day was made. As I spent a whole ten minutes wondering if I could break open the lock and put one of these monkeys into my bag to smuggle home all I could hear was Gabriel shouting “Hello” so I tore myself away to discover he was talking to the meerkat’s! Every one that darted past the window he was saying hello to and waving like a crazy child! He loved them and they were so fast! So I lifted him up so He could see over the top of the enclosure and he could see how many there were! We tried counting them but they were too fast and too many. So next was the gift shop my absolute weakness on days out! This is where I bought myself a marmoset monkey! He is a stuffed toy but Gabriel has named him HA HA as that’s the noise they make. Everywhere we go I either come home with a monkey or a picture of myself with an owl!
Next was our five minutes of peace, the playground! Gabriel was straight up the big metal sopping wet slide which in true form I tried to dry with a tissue but as it turns out Gabriel’s bum did a better job of it! Then sadly it was home time as we were getting grumpy wet and tired (Gabriel was alright though lol) so back down the hill racing each other to see who could stop first. This was not easy ha ha. Back to the car and the karaoke and Gabriel fell asleep on the way home with HA HA who has now been adopted by him typical!
So back home, for a proper cup of coffee and feet up, whilst Gabriel plays with his cars. The best adventure to start off the year! Lot’s more adventures to come and all suggestions as to what we should do next are welcome ion the comments section thank you so much for reading.

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