Perfect parent

What is a perfect parent?

Whenever I think of a perfect parent I think of the 1950s. A woman whose sole job is looking after the house and kids while her husband works.

1950s retro family image

She wears those hoop dresses and always has a duster in her hand and a smile on her face.

The husband comes home in a suit and tie and the kids are in shorts and suspenders or big frilly dresses, with not a speck of dirt to be seen!

Let’s face it, that’s a bisto advert. That’s hardly real life. And it was the 1950s. We don’t live there anymore.

But I think the pressure to be that mum is still there! The pressure to be that perfect Mum still weighs pretty heavy on our shoulders.

Now is a completely different time. We have rights, we have equality, we have jobs and we can drive.

The kids get dirty, mums now wear trackies and hoodies, houses are bigger and messier.

(I always go back to the quote “A pinch of shit, keeps you fit”. No idea who said it first but it’s one my brother has always said!)

So why do we feel this pressure?

Mum guilt!

Mum shaming!

Judgy people!

If we were to properly look at real life, we would see two parents working together and juggling all the trials and tribulations life throws at them.

The bisto advert is a dream, of a huge company to sell their gorgeous gravy. (Let’s face it, it’s not a Sunday roast without it!).

Roast beef dinner with gravy

So why do we feel guilty, when our child is spirited, or noisy, or dirty. A happy kid is a messy kid. They are not all a cardboard cut outs of each other. They are individuals and have their own obstacles they need to overcome.

Child with a dirty face

Stop feeling guilty, for your child being themselves.

Stop feeling guilty, for your house not looking like a show home.

Stop feeling guilty, for spending five minutes by yourself, even if the washing is piling up and the dishes are left unwashed in the sink.

Stop wondering what that person in the supermarket thinks! You don’t know them, they don’t know you and do you think they really care, what’s happening in your life?

Stop asking other people what you’re doing wrong! The answer is your doing nothing wrong. You are raising your kids the way you know how and the best way possible.

Everyone is different and every circumstance is different.

So give yourself a break mama. Stop letting the bisto advert add weight to your shoulders. You already carry enough! 

Make sure you give yourself five minutes of peace each day and do it free of guilt. 

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