Pregnant in Lockdown

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Wow what a time to be pregnant. Pregnancy is scary at the best of times but when you’re locked in the house with nothing better to do than watch dreary day time tv all about the virus it’s worse somehow.
(Thank god I can still drink my Night-Time Peace or else I would probably go insane.)
Getting a midwife to actually phone you back is like finding rocking horse poop in the woods! It’s all so different. And I know midwives have got it hard at the moment. (Was there nothing else to do in lockdown 😂) they have to answer all the questions from what you can eat to how come I can’t poop? So it’s no wonder you can’t reach them.
Not the point though is it? Everyone wants to feel they are being heard and listened too. Especially at the minute where everything is upside down and back to front.
I know it’s been said to death but it’s a crazy time. And yes our grandparents/great grandparents did so much better when they had to be locked down due to war and the plague and Spanish flu.
But we have got used to the finer things in life. Like being able to go out and see friends. Being able to walk around baby shops and actually shop for the much needed baby stuff.
All this I did when I was pregnant with Gaby. And I took it for granted.
Even though I had severe SPD when I was pregnant with Gaby and from about 16-18 weeks ended up on crutches. I ended up leaving work around 24 weeks as the pain was too much to bare.
But back then I got physio and acupuncture. And it worked I rested and was off the crutches by 30 weeks yes it still hurt. Yes I still took painkillers but I could walk easier.
This time I’m back on the crutches with only a phone consultation from the physio department due to this virus. No acupuncture unless I pay for it and just a body stocking to help.
Of course I can have paracetamol and if the pain gets worse I can have stronger ones if I can get hold of the midwife.
Pregnant bump
I’m now 23 weeks and I can’t sleep, which means my memory is shot. I can’t remember anything, luckily I haven’t forgotten to get Gaby from school yet 😂 although I’m sure that’s coming. Time to set the alarms. I did however have to be reminded it’s my gorgeous husbands birthday on Friday and my wedding anniversary not long after that oops. (Thank god for amazon prime 😂)
I will work as long as I can and that is a promise. I’m not looking at stopping working until the last post before Christmas. (Subscription services will not be disrupted).
It’s a hard time for everyone and pregnant women’s mental health is taking a toll. I have heard so many horror stories of partners not being allowed to the births which scares me I will be honest. Dads to be are suffering too as they aren’t allowed in to see those precious scans and to hold the expectant mothers hands when they are told life changing news.
So please please if you know a pregnant woman please just be kind, remember that they aren’t getting enough sleep, remember that they have a war raging on the inside and they are missing out on all those precious pregnancy moments.
And if you see a pregnant woman in the supermarket or out and about a smile (with your eyes) or a nod of your head goes a long way to brighten their day. Or even browse our gifts which are perfect for new mums let them know you are thinking of them.
Thank you for reading my rant lol. Xxx
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