Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy!

I don’t know if I’ve told you all yet that I am expecting my second child lol. It’s probably something that if you knew me in real life you would want to tell me to shut up about.

However I have compiled a list with a friend about things that they don’t tell you during pregnancy which I was totally unprepared for. Especially on your second pregnancy. The first one kind of goes along and everything is new and exciting, the first time they kick is magical and the first time they roll over in your tummy is like a flutter of butterflies, but the second time you notice a lot more and are prepared for a lot more. So I have come up with ten new things I have discovered this time around. Hold on tight, grab your favourite mug and coffee and make yourself comfortable.

  1. That first kick, even though it is magical and beautiful you do still wonder, if that’s the gas that you have had since the moment you have found out! OH MY GOD, the gas this time around has been room clearing to say the least! I am not shy in saying this, but my god even the hubby has turned green on more than one occasion! I didn’t have gas this bad first time around. There is only so many times I can blame it on my poor dogs before the husband cottons on.Whippet and German Shephard
  2. How quickly you show, a baby bump is such a beautiful thing to behold. The second time around they don’t tell you how quick you will balloon. By 20 weeks this time I couldn’t see my feet and please don’t ask my to put my socks on! So many times I have tried and ran out of breath halfway through the first sock, you would of thought I would of run a marathon. Now I know I am unfit as everything hurts, but socks really?!?! I love my socks it’s probably one of my obsessions other than pyjamas and coffee. Last thing I have to give up is my Pyjamas and that’s coming close.
  3. Pelvic floor exercises, these are so important during your first pregnancy and you can do them sat down anywhere no-one will know. But who has time when you already have a child? I know I don’t, in between running backwards and forwards to school, keeping the house clean, panicking about having baby’s room ready (15 weeks to go people, when do I have to pack that hospital bag?) and resting so I can drive to school for a second time without feeling like I am being torn apart. Yep no time left there for pelvic floor exercises, so I have now discovered that I will pee at the slightest thing! Laughing, coughing and don’t even mention sneezing! Sneezing is to be avoided at all costs unless your sat with your legs firmly crossed.
  4. Baby brain, Yep it’s definitely not a myth. Baby brain is the worst thing I have ever encountered. With Gaby my brain held up quite well, there was no instances of putting the sugar in the fridge, or giving the dogs my dinner and sitting down to theirs! This time it’s a whole new ball game. My words don’t come out in the right order, or even make sense at all. Example, I was trying to tell Andy that I am not growing that fast and quick and it came out fist and quack! Queue the giggles (with crossed legs), the worst part was I was stood in line at the school gates waiting to pick Gaby up, and Andy in his funniest wisdom tells me to stop telling everyone what I do in my spare time with ducks! Also forgetfulness, I am forgetting a whole new level of things like my poor husbands birthday and my MOT. If I am not reminded 4/5 times there is no way I will remember anything. I have post its to remind me about my post its.
  5. Maternity clothes, maternity shopping is so much fun you get to buy a whole new wardrobe with a valid reason. Second time around I had enough clothes from when I had Gaby that I didn’t need to go shopping this time (thank god). So I have been wearing my maternity wear since I was about 12 weeks there’s nothing comfier than maternity pants and leggings. That is until you outgrow them! I have had an issue with my clothes, they don’t seem to meet in the middle! I am always left with this gap between my t-shirt and pants and I look like one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets. Bubba J Jeff Dunham My maternity jeans take about an hour to pull on! And the band around the top now digs into the top of the bump. I have resorted to wearing Andy’s clothes, such as tracksuit bottoms and hoodies (I am the comfiest wife ever right now lol). Plus my gorgeous mummy has made me a pair of dungarees, they are so comfy, but the only thing is Gaby seems to think I look like Super Mario and every time I wear them him and Andy take it in turns to ask me if I have eaten too many mushrooms today. Super Mario image
  6. Not shaving your legs. If I thought trying to put my socks on was bad, I haven’t even tried to shave my legs or other places. I look like I live in the world of free love in the 70s. Those poor midwives when I deliver this baby. I know they have seen all sorts but I at least want to be tidy. There isn’t enough plasters in the world for me to go for a wax lmao. 
  7. Feet where you don’t want them. When I was pregnant with Gabe the worst place he stuck his foot was in my rib cage. This time, I stood up to go and get Gaby from school, just walking out the door and I got a foot in my arse. I made a noise like ‘argh’ like you do, Andy looked at me with concern and asked what the matter was, I didn’t want to tell him but he kept on until I did and then fell about laughing. I ended up telling him that baby has a foot in my arse. At least when the foot is in my rib cage I can move him but I cant move him from there. It would look as bad as rearranging your underwear in public. Which is another surprising fact about pregnancy.
  8. Hungry arse. No one tells you that if you don’t have big knickers on and I am talking about Bridget Jones style knickers, your arse likes to eat them. Normally when your at home they stay put. It’s only at times when your stood in a crowd, say at the school gates or in the middle of Tesco’s. Or even worse at your mother in laws who, bless her heart has eyes like an eagle. So even though they are not the sexiest things on the planet definitely make an investment into the biggest knickers you can find to stop your hungry arse. (I always say that in a sing song voice to hungry eyes from dirty dancing).Bridget Jones Knickers
  9. Everyone laughs during your first pregnancy about your hormones, and how funny it is that you will cry at the slightest advert on telly. (My friend cried at Paul ‘O’ Grady for the love of dogs and she’s a cat person lol) but your second pregnancy people are waiting for it. Now my first one I cried at everything. I was a complete wreck. This one I am laughing constantly. It could be the most lame dad joke and I will be in complete stitches. Even at the point, Andy has threatened to get out of bed and sleep on the couch because I have been in hysterics at midnight for no reason at all! I have laughed at myself crying because I know the reason I am crying is no reason at all to cry!
  10. Super senses. When I was having Gaby my senses were incredible. I could smell what they were cooking next door, before they had even started to cook it. This time it is even stronger. I can smell what they are cooking 1 street over. I can smell a piece of bacon sizzling from a mile away. However my friend during her second pregnancy could smell her husbands fart from the furthest room in the house! Ninja senses are a thing and they definitely don’t warn you about that!

All this being said every child is a miracle and they are so worth it in the end. Yes it is a scary time but as long as you find all these little things funny, your second pregnancy will go by so fast!

I would really love to hear about surprising facts about your second pregnancy, or even your first or third. Leave me a comment and let me know. Lets have a laugh together.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog you can read all of my other blogs here. Thank you.

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  • Love this! So true. My youngest as you know is 4 and a half now and I still have baby brain. Forgot to tax my car this month. Remembered on the 2nd! Even though I’d been making mental notes to do it for the 3 weeks before since I got the letter!


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