Someone recently said to me “and I thought raising kids was easy”! You can imagine that I saw red! Afterwards once I had calmed down and thought about it this is what I thought.........
Doesn't everyone think raising kids is easy, before they have one that is! I know I did. And I looked after them for a living! You think after the baby stage it gets easier. No more bottles, no more nappy changes, no more naps how wrong I was.
I thought by the age of three the imagination kicks in. They play by themselves with the toys that constantly cover the living room floor and that’s that.
Life is a different story. The constant “Muuuum” drives me a little insane. You can’t go anywhere without them knowing exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Especially when you go to the loo. And especially when you go to the loo in a public place. Granted the embarrassment of being asked for the tenth time “are you having a poo?” while the lady in the next stall is stifling a laugh, only lasts until you’re out the door, but still it’s a mine field.
No wonder mums need five minutes everyday to sit in silence drinking a coffee and eating a cookie. So I made my own how to info graphic. How to have that five minutes of much needed relaxing peace. Because raising kids is hard. Contrary to popular belief.
 Info graphic for pinterest
So no matter who you are, whether your a stay at home mum, a working mum, a first time mum or an experienced mum. We all need that peace everyday. Even if it’s five minutes of adult peace where you don’t hear the word “mum”, or have to watch that Disney film that drives you crazy but you know all the words, or even five minutes of not playing that game where the child (even though you love them) cheats so they can win.
So enjoy that five minutes with your coffee and know you’re doing amazing.
Because raising kids is bloody hard. But we wouldn't change it for the world. Would we? Xx 
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