Valentines with kids

It’s Valentines’ day and unless you live under a rock you knew that already! And hurrah it falls on a Friday when Gabe’s in school and Andy is at home with me! This never happens! What’s the first thing that we did today? (Apart from hurrying to the shops to buy his presents, because I haven’t been able to walk all week to get him a token gift)
The first thing we did was pour a huge mug of Chaos Fuel and sat to watch Chicago PD. Only Now TV have let me down and the system has failed, how rude! That was going to be my day sorted!
That makes me feel so old! There used to be a time way before Gabriel where I would make an effort. I would put on my nicest outfit (complete with thong as a treat for the Mr) and would be sauntering around making a slap-up meal, complete with wine and chocolate ready for the spontaneous valentines’ shenanigans.
Now though that couldn’t be further from my mind. I’m sat here in my jogging bottoms (complete with Granny knickers) with my slippers on munching on a slap-up meal from Gregg’s. (their Jammy dodgers are to die for, at least it has a heart on it). Nowadays the spontaneity has gone. That’s not to say that romance in my house is dead, it just means something completely different now.
Red rose
Can you imagine trying to eat a three-course meal that I have spent hours preparing, just for Gabe to pipe up half way through “I don’t like that”, then proceeding to blow the candles out and giggling manically! This year it’s slightly different. When Gabe was younger it didn’t matter what I put in front of him, he had no choice but to eat it when I shoved a spoon full into his sweet innocent mouth.
Now that mouth talks back, especially if your trying to be all romantic and alluring! As I said romance is different now. Now we have to cram the romance into 2 hour slots at night time after Gabe has gone to bed and by then normally it’s a quick peck on the cheek and sharing a bar of chocolate (because it’s nice to share (and also because he didn’t get me chocolate this year but I bought him a huge bar)).
My question is to all you lovely mum’s out there, how do you do Valentines with the kids about? Do you include them in the gift and card giving? I think it’s super cute to include them but I am not going as far as buying Gabriel a card that cost £2.50 when he can’t actually read it. I have however bought him a small gift! He is obsessed with the film franchise Cars. His favourite is Cars 3, and he loves the bad guy Jackson Storm. So, at Christmas I had the bright idea of buying him the Mini Mack truck so throughout the year if he’s been good, I can buy him a mini that he can collect and put in his truck.
I had the image in my head of him treating this truck as his holy grail. Getting the cars and carefully placing them in there next to each other, and having a box next to it for all the doubles that he has got! After you have all stopped laughing, yes, I know how wrong I was! The Cars are strewn about my living room and I have had to fish more than one out of the couch cushions, with Gabe asking (relentlessly) “where’s mini cruise?” apparently the answer to that shouldn’t be “I don’t know kiddo, but I would love a mini cruise to the Bahamas if you find one” Cue more tears!
Anyway I digress, I decided today on my hunt for Andy’s present (I always end up in the toy section no idea why, I think it’s auto pilot now) that I would get Gabe a token gift and pray to the god of cars that we would end up with Jackson storm! I went looking for the minis and some very helpful person, (think it’s my mother in law, because she doesn’t see the point of a surprise in the box in case, he gets a double) has opened all of the surprise boxes on the shelf.
Now while I’m shaking my head and tutting, saying under my breath that people just don’t get it. I am going through all these opened boxes looking for the holy grail! Low and behold I found it! Tucked under all the cars that no one can remember the name of is Jackson Storm! I quickly put him back in the box and throw it into the trolley hoping no-one has seen. I then pick up another closed box so it looks like I haven’t noticed that the other one is open.
I for one can’t wait to see his face when he opens it. I am more excited to see Gabriel’s face than I was to see Andy open his gigantic chocolate bar! Then tonight we are going to curl up in front of the telly (If Now TV ever starts working again) with a huge KFC and probably watch angry birds for the 100th time.
But it wouldn’t be a special occasion in my eyes if we weren’t all together as a family. It’s not about all the material things that you can buy, that cost you way more than you can afford. Its about the moments curled up, drinking your favourite coffee and spending time together.
Mum and son playing with bubbles
Whatever it is that you’re doing today have a loved filled day, even if you’re spending it on your own, grab that book and that coffee and go for a long hot bath, or just do something for you. And don’t forget to let me know how you’re spending it in the comments below xxx
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