World book day etiquette

Book day etiquette
On world book day the emphasis is all about the costumes. Who’s coming as what, and where they have got them from.
World book day 2022
For us parents however it’s another “£15 on a postman pat outfit that they hate and will only wear once? Do you know how many cups of coffee I can get for that?” time.
Running up to the local supermarket at 10pm the night before because you forgot is just a stress you don’t need when spring cleaning is right around the corner. And by that time all they have left is a princess you’ve never heard of or an extremely violent character you swore your child will never watch! (Five nights at Freddie’s anyone?)
Or spending the best part of a week wondering how much money you have to save up for a therapist when they’re older, and swearing at your sewing machine because that bit wasn’t meant to be sewn shut. How on Earth are they going to get their head through there now? Just for them to say “but muuuum I don’t like that colour!”
Or option C ringing your friend who is the opposite of you and is always organised, they have the next four years of book days all hanging in their child’s wardrobe washed and ironed! (Does this person even exist?) and begging them to borrow their spare little red riding hood outfit, that will surely be far too big on your child, but you’re seriously out of options!

World book day ideas
Then comes the fatal day. The arguments in the morning about them not wearing their iron man costume that they got for Christmas, along with the blasters, that will surely be confiscated as soon as they walk through the door. Instead you get the tantrums of why they have to wear the outfit you’ve a. Rushed out to buy the night before b. Borrowed from your more organised friend or c. Spent hours at your sewing machine, on its first day out in I don’t know how long.
All parents need to stick together at this crucial moment! So when your standing in the playground waiting for your child’s name to be called don’t forget to turn to your fellow stressed out parent and tell them how amazing their child looks. Especially the one with the obvious homemade masterpiece and ask them “wow where on earth did you get that costume? It looks amazing!” (Me! I’m that parent 😂) it will surely make their day/year.
What are your experiences of world book day? Let me know in the comments. Erica xx
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