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Chaos Fuel speciality Coffee

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Chaos Fuel speciality Coffee
Chaos Fuel speciality Coffee
Chaos Fuel speciality Coffee

Chaos Fuel

 A strong but smooth blend, wholly beautiful, with an added touch of cheekiness.... sounds like my perfect man. All the benefits but without any answering back! So when you need to leave right now and the little one appears with odd shoes on, teeth not brushed, bed hair and no coat - this is the coffee for you! Fuel to help deal with the chaos a toddler can create. Whether it's the school run, toddler group or a mad dash to the supermarket: Chaos Fuel will be your NEW BEST FRIEND!



Combatting the chaos is every mum’s morning mission! Deep rich, chocolatey and punchy, with an indulgent treacle and hazelnut finish. Balanced by subtle, citrus notes throughout, with an underlying, spicy chocolate feel. Excellent body that cuts through milky drinks, sublimely.


Grind and Dimensions

The grind of this coffee is perfect for a cafetiere and 'pour over' method using a filter. The pack sizes are 250g and will last for 20 cups on average. Use approximately 12g of coffee per cup. Let the water boil and then leave until water becomes still, before pouring over your coffee grounds. This stops you from scorching the grounds which can create a bitter taste.



This Coffee blend is sourced from 3 different continents and has 5 different type of beans blended together, these are: Robusta from Uganda, Mogiana from Brazil, Djimma from Ethiopia, Mysore from India and Hulia from Columbia. By mixing these beans together, it creates a uniquely beautiful flavour, that cannot be found in other coffees.



This coffee has a medium roast which means it has a well-rounded flavour profile, Allowing for medium acidity and body. By roasting coffee to this level, it locks in the original flavours, taking you on a journey of where each of the beans is sourced. A medium roast is the perfect drink for coffee beginners, as it is less bitter, sweeter, with notes of caramel. This coffee is air roasted, meaning that all of the beans are roasted evenly. With other roasting methods, the beans can get an uneven finish as they touch the sides of the roaster. This method eliminates the possibility of this so the flavour remains the same throughout the entire bag.


Packaging and delivery time

The coffee is packed in a brown coffee bag with plastic lining to keep your coffee dry and fresh. It is then packed in a bubble envelope and sent out to you, 2nd class signed for with royal mail. My dispatch time is 7 days but I aim to beat this every time, as nobody should have to wait too long for their coffee!

 Not sure where to start on your coffee journey with me? Then I have the answer. This coffee is available in one of my coffee starter packs. These are available here.

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