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Coffee Starter Pack

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Coffee Starter Pack
Coffee Starter Pack

Coffee Starter Pack



Coffee starter packs will provide you with everything you need to start your coffee journey with Coffee Monkey. Whether you’re craving a bit of fuel to get you through the day or a bit of Peace to see you through the long nights, Coffee Monkey coffee starter pack has got you covered. 



Your coffee starter pack will contain:

250g Bag of coffee of your choice

1 3 cup Cafetiere (Colour may vary)

1 Coffee Monkey mug


The important coffee bit

Chaos Fuel

A strong but smooth blend, wholly beautiful, with an added touch of cheekiness.... sounds like my perfect man. All the benefits but without any answering back! So when you need to leave right now and the little one appears with odd shoes on, teeth not brushed, bed hair and no coat - this is the coffee for you! Fuel to help deal with the chaos a toddler can create. Whether it's the school run, toddler group or a mad dash to the supermarket: Chaos Fuel will be your NEW BEST FRIEND!



Combatting the chaos is every mum’s morning mission! Deep rich, chocolatey and punchy, with an indulgent treacle and hazelnut finish. Balanced by subtle, citrus notes throughout, with an underlying, spicy chocolate feel. Excellent body that cuts through milky drinks, sublimely.


Night-time Peace

Night-time Peace coffee is for those nights when your partner, as much as you love them, lies next to you blissfully unaware of the baby stirring in the next room - as they attempt their best impression of a hippo farting in the mud! Resist the temptation of smothering them with a pillow. Instead, reach for your favourite mug and your own portable Peace to help you drift off back to sleep. Nothing should come between a mum and her sleep!



Rich walnut, and dark cocoa notes with a creamy mouthfeel and soft acidity, perfect as a bedtime drink.


Packaging and delivery

Your coffee starter pack will arrive in a box containing a mug in its very own smash proof mug box, the cafetiere will come in two parts wrapped in bubble wrap and in another box, and the coffee is in a paper bag lined with foil. Your box will then be wrapped in brown paper and sent out to you between 3-5 working days as Royal Mail 2nd class signed for to make sure it doesn’t go missing in the post. The worst thing in life is lost coffee!


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