Monkey and me

Coffee Monkey came about on a day like any other. My little boy playing at my feet, a mug of coffee for me, contemplating my return to work. I wasn’t looking forward to going back to the daily grind. I wanted to be able to watch my little boy grow and not have to hear about it all second hand. Was my own business possible? What was I even good at? I’d always been a little bit creative; I wasn’t Pablo Picasso or anything, but I had flair! I also had a mild coffee addiction. Mug in hand and a head full of ideas, I was going to design a range of mugs for people to have their coffee in!

 Me and my son at christmas 2016

The handwash only mugs were the first to appear, a wonderful woman I know helped me with the designs BUT, as anyone who knows me, knows I HATE washing up so, then came the dishwasher safe range. I sat down with my husband and researched like crazy, handwash ones were doing so well, why wouldn’t these? I was going to go for it! The equipment arrived not long after and ranges were developed, as much as I was enjoying my work, there was still something missing – COFFEE!

 In the December of 2018, only 10 months on I got the opportunity to create my own brand. Now, I offer two coffees of my own; the chocolatey rich Chaos Fuel and for those quieter moments, We bring you Night-Time Peace.


So that’s me and that’s Coffee Monkey – Bringing you sanity in a world of madness.


Erica x

Me and Gabriel in matching Coffee Monkey T-shirts

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