All about Monkey

Thank you for visiting Coffee Monkey’s website. Let me introduce myself, I am Erica and I own Coffee Monkey. Coffee Monkey was born due to my love of coffee and my passion for having a personalised long lasting, treasured mug to drink it from.

 Me and my son at christmas 2016

When I had my little boy which was an incredibly long journey which you can read about Here, I really didn’t want to go back to work but I wanted to contribute to the household income. I took my passion for coffee and mugs and made it my own. The name Coffee Monkey came from me watching my little monkey play on the floor whilst I drank my coffee. In this moment I realised that he is the monkey on my back that makes me drink my coffee every morning and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


We opened up our facebook page on the 17th February 2018, and started by selling hand wash only mugs. However hand wash only is a huge bug bare of mine and those mugs end up sitting in the cupboard unused. I decided I wanted to make dishwasher safe mugs and I wanted to make my own bespoke funny/cheeky designs. So I invested in my first heat press machine and started to design my own mugs. I haven’t looked back since and my favourite part is designing and sending over the mock ups of bespoke special mugs and learning of your reaction.


We make the mock ups so the client knows exactly what the mugs will look like before they commit and they can make any changes they wish so the finished product is exactly what the client pictured. I am the only mug maker in the business that works in this way.


My business has since progressed from just selling mugs, to selling monkeys and coffee as well. Back in November 2018 I went and tasted an array of coffee before I settled on my two blends Chaos Fuel and Night-Time Peace. These are made exclusively for Coffee Monkey Mugs and cannot be bought anywhere else. The names of the coffee reflect life as a parent. Chaos fuel is fuel for the chaos every morning and Night-Time Peace is a bed time drink that will relax you ready to have sweet dreams and be ready for the next morning when the kids come bouncing on the bed.


The coffees were launched in January 2019 and proved a huge hit so we decided to launch our subscription boxes the following month. These subscription boxes make sure you get your coffee on time every month, We use only the best handmade businesses that add value and products to our subscription boxes every month. These are then showcased on my facebook, Instagram and twitter every month.


I have lot’s of plans for the future and new coffees to come. So watch this space. I cannot wait to connect with you all on social media and make the perfect gift for you to give. If you do have any questions you can contact me on Thank you for reading.


See you soon


Erica x

Me and Gabriel in matching Coffee Monkey T-shirts