Coffee Monkeys Messy Play Club

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Coffee Monkeys Messy Play Club
Coffee Monkeys Messy Play Club
Coffee Monkeys Messy Play Club
Coffee Monkeys Messy Play Club
Coffee Monkeys Messy Play Club
Coffee Monkeys Messy Play Club
Coffee Monkeys Messy Play Club

Let’s get messy

Coffee Monkey is now hosting messy play classes at St. Pauls Peel Church Hall on a Friday morning 10-11. These classes will run during term time only and will be for ages 6 months to 5 years. Each lesson will run on a different theme and all activities will be set up using non-toxic elements, however some of these elements will be small so please keep an eye on your little one in the highly supervised areas. These will run in line with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) to help your children develop the skills they will need to go on to school and nursery. Every school and nursery follow the EYFS system.

Messy play is so important for young children as it fosters curiosity, imagination and exploration. It encourages communication and language development. It practices good concentration and promotes physical development. It will also help to develop your child’s social skills and get them used to being around people they don’t know. This will help them when they move onto nursery, school or playgroup.

We do ask all parents who want to bring their children, to dress them in clothes that you don’t mind getting messy. There will be aprons provided to try and protect clothes as much as possible but they will still get incredibly messy. So please also bring a spare change of clothes with you. There is a changing area for you to get your children changed in private.

Each time you book on for the term, you will be provided with a link to download the lesson plan so you can see exactly what we are putting on and therefore be prepared. If your child has any allergies please include these in the notes section when booking, as all our activities will be food or plant based, we will need to know. If they do have any allergies then the lesson will be changed to accommodate you.

The terms will range between 5 and 7 weeks. You will be advised how long the term is when booking. There will also be special events to run alongside the major celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas etc.

To keep up to date on the goings on you can join our group on facebook here. There will also be a whatsapp group for the messy play that you can join so we can all keep in contact with each other. (please be aware that you don’t have to join either of these groups, you will have my phone number in case of emergency cancellations)

We also have our very own buggy walk on the park on a Thursday morning. If you would like to join us you can do here.

A little about me

My name is Erica, and I have 2 children. Gabriel is five and Tommy is 7 months old. Before having Gabriel I was a nursery nurse for 10 years. My favourite activity was always messy play. I love it when the children can explore different textures and senses in their own time. So I have a really good working knowledge of the EYFS and how children learn. I have worked with all ages from 0-11. I have had to do lesson plans and risk assessments and I also have my level 3 qualification in child care and development. Having my own children also gives me an understanding of what its like going to baby groups. It can be incredibly nerve wracking. Please don’t feel like this. If you want to come but are nervous then just shoot me a message and either we can meet up before so you know my face or I will make arrangements for you to come to the hall earlier. Me and my volunteer are fully DBS checked and I have my food hygiene certificate and my first aid. 

If you would like to read about some of the things me and monkeys get up to then you can here on my blog.

Stressless environment

Please don’t worry if your child doesn’t want to take part in each activity. Some children really don’t like things being on their hands. There will be wet and dry activities for them to try. Just go at your child’s pace and let them explore in their own time. They will eventually try the different activities but possibly not right at the start. We are also feeding friendly, so if your child needs to eat during the class whether it is breast or bottle then we will accommodate you so please don’t worry. I am aware that children fuss and bother. Please don’t worry if they have a tantrum it is completely normal. Me or my volunteer will come over and ask if you need anything but please don’t worry. We are here for you. If you need anything just ask.

The hall itself.

The hall itself is very large and has its own kitchen and changing area as well as the big space for our messy play activities. The only thing I ask is that you keep an eye on your child. Please don’t let them climb on the stage, or wander into the kitchen. All safety announcements will be made on the first day of each term. Plus all introductions too.

The rules

You are responsible for your own child, you have to stay with them during the whole session as me and my volunteer are not responsible for your children.

Please ask them to be kind to others and treat all our equipment with respect. I understand that kids will be kids so lot’s of noise and banging is expected. However throwing our equipment and damaging it on purpose is not acceptable.

Please be advised we are not responsible for stains on your child’s clothing so please dress them accordingly, and bring a spare change of clothes and a towel as there will be water play available too.

If you cancel before the term (this would be 7 days before the start of the first class) then you will be entitled to a full refund

If you cancel after this time then I will not be able to provide a refund as you have paid for your place and activities that you will be doing. This wouldn’t be fair to other participants who would like to join in but are on the waiting list.

I understand that children can get ill, and you may not be able to come to one or two classes however I will not be able to refund you for the missed classes. You are paying for your place for the whole of the term.

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