Night-Time Peace Speciality Coffee

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Night-Time Peace Speciality Coffee
Night-Time Peace Speciality Coffee

Night-time Peace Speciality Coffee

Night-Time Peace coffee is for those nights when your partner, as much as you love them, lies next to you blissfully unaware of the baby stirring in the next room - as they attempt their best impression of a hippo farting in the mud! Resist the temptation of smothering them with a pillow. Instead, reach for your favourite mug and your own portable Night-Time Peace to help you drift off back to sleep. Nothing should come between a mum and her sleep - not even her favourite coffee!



NIght-Time Peace has a rich walnut taste, with dark cocoa notes with a creamy mouthfeel and soft acidity, perfect as a bedtime coffee.


Grind and Dimensions

The grind of NIght-Time Peace coffee is perfect for a cafetiere and the 'pour over' method using a filter. The pack sizes are 250g and will last for 20 cups on average. Use approximately 12g of coffee per cup. Let the water boil and then leave until the water is still before pouring over your Night-Time Peace coffee grounds. This stops you from scorching the grounds, which can create a bitter taste.



NIght-Time Peace decaffeinated coffee is a single origin coffee. It comes from decaffeinated beans in Brazil. It is the nicest decaf coffee I have ever tasted. This coffee is so good that people cannot believe that it is decaf. It’s that good!



Night-Time Peace is air roasted to achieve that even flavour throughout, the first cup tastes the same as the last. Air roasting helps to keep the flavours locked in. With some traditional methods of roasting, some of the beans can become scorched in the roasting process, adding a bitter taste to the coffee beans. With air roasting this doesn’t happen.


Packaging and delivery time

NIght-Time Peace is packed in a brown coffee bag with plastic lining to keep your coffee dry and fresh. It is then packed in a bubble envelope and sent out to you as 2nd class signed for with royal mail. My dispatch time is 7 days but I aim to beat this every time as nobody should have to wait too long for their coffee!

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