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Black and silver travel mug that says This coffee makes me a people person

People person travel mug

This people person travel mug describes a coffee lovers mood before drinking that most important first coffee of the day. Fun, quirky and unique present for any coffee lover. Designed to make the commute to and from work bearable. Printed on both sides for left and right handed people. This mug also fits snuggly in your cars cup holder.

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Our mugs

Our travel mugs are handmade using the very best materials to make sure they are perfect every time.
Our travel mugs are handwash only ensuring they will last you a long time.
These travel mugs are aluminium and we use professional grade sublimation coating to ensure your product is perfect and long lasting. The travel mugs are made, designed and packed by myself ensuring consistent quality.



All our mugs are 15 cm high and hold 14 fluid oz's of your favourite hot drink. They fit snuggly into your cars cup holder and have a push on top so your favourite hot drink won’t spill on your journey



As this is a ready to post item personalisation isn't available on this specific item. However if you would like a personalised travel mug you can send me a message to however it will be full price.


Gift wrapping

Mugs are presented in a box and bubble wrapped to ensure security. If you would like to include a special message within the mug box we will do this free of charge. Please notify us at the checkout option add a note


Estimated delivery time.

I aim to get your order ready for posting within 7-14 days. However most of my travel mugs are ready to be posted in less time.

Finally customers can view the full collection on either of the following social media pages;



If you have any questions or problems then please don't hesitate to contact me at we aim to respond within 24 hours.

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